About Ljubisav Milunovic and his artwork


While seeking out their own identify, many contemporary painters go to artistic extremes, thereby denying some of the greatest achievements of classical painters. However, there are some painters who can, through their work, prove that originality and recognizable style are possible to attain through familiarity with and use of old techniques together with immense talent and unlimited imagination. One of these is Ljubisav Milunovic. His art is convincing, suggestive, and filled with thought-provoking images. The poetic symbolism of Ljubisav Milunovic is such that nothing is excessive or without reason. Ljubisav Milunovic’s world view—an imaginary view, an ideal view, a realistic view, everything except that which is empty and senseless–is the leitmotif of  his work. The magic realism of Ljubisav Milunovic is unique, springing from the depth of his painter’s sensibility, and visible in his imaginary landscapes and portraits of friends and colleagues. His paintings are evoked from his imagination, showing us that realistic painting need not be simply photographic reproduction. His paintings speak of his delicate sensibility for what is irrational in a rational world. That sensibility is wrought of  emotion, beauty, fear and longing. In the very centre of Milunovic’s  paintings is a human–great or small, good or evil, but always human. Ljubisav Milunovic is faithful to classical painting. His composition is clearly defined, strong and harmonious. His paintings are sincere and fresh.


/Vesna Maricki Ostojic/                                                 


Milunovic did a painting in which a resigned Vermeer looks at a blank wall as he contemplates painting a composition  of Mondrian. It is probably this painting that represents a manifesto Milunovic’s art.It also represents his bitter and ironic protest against the world in which various ,,concepts,, and ,,campaigns,, undermine talent, craft, knowledge and painterly skill. Milunovic’s paintings are not, however, in need of a manifesto. His art is the art of pure painting, in the best sense of the expression. It is art that is easily accessible to any artist—Giotto, Piero della Francesca, even unknown artist…as well as by Vermeer himself.


/Dragana Palavestra/                                                              










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